"I started working with Ashley in order to kick start my work out regime after not working out for two years.  What started as 10 sessions turned into two years later of still working together and changed my lifestyle.  Not only did it make me look so much better but making me feel stronger and more energized helping me deal with day to day stress as I have a very demanding and fast paced job.  Even on the days I am tired and would in the past have gone for a glass of wine I look forward to working out with Ashley.  She is very positive and pushes me just past my limits but always ensures that the exercise is safe and she explains it in a way that makes sense.  She always keeps me on track even when I get chatty to ensure I receive the most out of my session.  I also get bored quickly so she makes sure to mix it up and  always knows the latest exercises.   In the summer I really enjoy her Summer Sculpt classes in Central Park where she gets really creative and it’s nice to go to different spots in the park and be outdoors. She is always punctual and professional and just easy to work with. I hope to work with her for years to come!"

          ~Trine, 30's, Hotel Director of Sales and Marketing

"Before working with Ashley I had worked out with several other personal trainers who gave me the results I was seeking in the short term however after a couple months their routine cookie cutter approach to training became quickly uninspiring. I have now been with Ashley for nearly two years and she has truly transformed my life in both mind and body. Her approach to personal training is completely customized each and every session. Through her gentle, encouraging approach she has also taught me how to improve my simplest common movements so that even during my work day I continue to strengthen my body in ways that have eliminated the neck and back pain I used to experience. Most of all, Ashley has an amazing positive energy that makes me excited about exercise! In the busy world we live in that kind of motivation is immeasurable value."

          ~Meaghan, 30's, Hair Stylist

"I began working with Ashley when my third baby was 8 weeks old. I was impressed with Ashley’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology. She was sensitive to my physical limitations from a c-section and sleepless nights, but still able to motivate and push me to work hard in ways appropriate for my situation. Ashley was creative in developing techniques to incorporate my baby and stroller into my exercise routine, and even rocked my baby when he was fussy, while still directing me in exercises. Ashley’s caring nature, professionalism, knowledge and creativity made her a motivating and fun trainer, even at a time when all I wanted to do was rest on the couch."

          ~Dana, 30's, mom of three

"Having worked with several trainers over the course of the last decade, I can honestly say I am lucky to have found Ashley! In addition to being passionate about her trade and sincere in wanting to improve the condition of her clients, she is extremely knowledgeable and creative. We work out in my apartment, and I have several chronic injuries: herniated discs in cervical spine, recent knee surgery, and neuroma of the foot, and yet Ashley constantly comes up with new ways to engage muscles I never even realized I had! With previous trainers, my injuries were a huge road block, yet with Ashley I feel like I'm just learning to work out in a new way that's also safe and fun."

          ~Sarah, 30's, International Relations

"As someone who dislikes exercise and has never been athletic, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that I finally had to start to move myself as I approached a “big birthday.” Ashley’s sunny disposition, professionalism and enthusiasm have made me keep to a program that without her, I surely would have dropped, as I have others in the past. Even though I will never be able to say I love to exercise, I know that this program is exactly what I need to stay strong and healthy. Ashley’s range of knowledge and great people-skills make her a perfect trainer!"

          ~Renee, 60's, Social Worker

"Ashley has a unique perspective on training and conditioning the body that I have never found among other trainers with whom I've worked. I think this is borne from her dancing background in Martha Graham, which is rooted in extremely disciplined form and stress on precise technique. Further combining this background with a strong understanding of Pilates, Yoga, and athletic performance training, she can create a very diverse program that can be surprisingly simple but extremely effective. I have been weight training and doing martial arts for years, but was thrown off and impressed by how challenging and rewarding Ashley's workout program for me was.  And even more important than her experience and methodology is her sincere and passionate motive to truly improve the physical and mental health of all her clients. I can tell she approaches my training individually and caters to what I need, rather than using a "one size fits all approach".  To me, this is the key to finding a great trainer."

         ~Aaron, 30's, Trader

"I started training with Ashley the year before my wedding, hoping to lose weight before my big day. Not only have I exceeded my weight loss goals, but I’ve gained a completely different attitude towards eating, training and healthy living. Ashley has taught me how to work out intelligently, in a way that will prevent injury and encourage functional movement development. I started not only thinking about what dress size I would be on the day of my wedding, but more importantly making sure I can run around with my grandkids when I’m 80! Her approach to fitness is so different than any trainer or instructor that I’ve experienced in the past. Instead of the typical “bootcamp” style workout, where you jump around just for the sake of burning calories, Ashley encourages her students to be thoughtful, accurate, and safe while working out. After a year of training and two seasons of Summer Sculpt, I am so much stronger, healthier and happier with my body. Our workouts are always fun, different, and CHALLENGING! She is a very positive motivator and I’m always surprised by how fast an hour flys by! What started as a way to “get skinny”  turned into a lifestyle change, that has completely transformed me. That’s what makes her a truly GREAT trainer."
~Elizabeth 30's, Hotel Sales Manager
"First of all, don’t let the term “trainer” scare you off! Ashley is not a regular trainer – she’s an amazing person who has an incredible and varied background as a dancer and fitness expert and uses all that to really help you define and achieve your personal fitness goals – whether it’s weight loss, strengthening, toning, or general form.  I’ve seen all her certifications and they’re certainly impressive, and instill immediate credibility, but, she’s so much more. I moved to NYC in the fall of 2013 and had been working out with a trainer at a gym in my previous city.  I really wanted to continue that because I thought I was losing weight and feeling good.  The tough part about NYC though is the fees for trainers and other services can be so prohibitively expensive.  A colleague of mine thought I might like to join her in Ashley’s “Summer Sculpt” sessions in Central Park.  They were group training sessions throughout the summer so I could try it out without spending a huge initial investment.  I LOVED working out in the park and found that I really tended to zone out of my daily grind and focus on working out.  It was actually quite affordable and became a staple of my summer plans.  When summer training ended, one of the other girls and I decided we really wanted to keep going so Ashley offered us the opportunity to work out as a “duet.”   She’s developed weekend training plans for my partner and I and emails us pictures of form and workout plans to use in our own gyms.  Ashley is always sending us great articles on nutrition and fitness concerns.  She’ll chat with you about how your home workouts fit into your strength training and really try and take a whole picture approach with you.  My original goal was to lose some weight (belly) and just get fitter in general – better cardio and strength so I could live a longer life in my body without needing a walker someday.  Without a doubt, I’m definitely much stronger today than I was last year.  I’ve gone from zero push-ups to lots (and with good form).  My arms, core, and butt have all tightened up. Seriously – just take a look at Ashley’s arms and you’ll know she is serious about fitness!"
~Cynthia 42yrs, Political Advisor